April Mae and the June Bugs

“With a sound built on cigar-box guitar, slap bass and washboard, no trio is more fun taking familiar roots genres and twisting them around Mae’s elbow-gloved, gold capped fingers.”
— Mary Armstrong, The City Paper

“Hear my train a-comin’…” sings 1940s victory roll hairdo-sporting April Mae; the effervescent songstress who serves as lead vocalist and washboard percussionist for April Mae & The June Bugs. Dubbed the “The Breakout Surprise Act” by concert reviewing journalists on more than one occasion the trio has been garnering recent press. Instrumentation features Dave ‘Catfish’ Fecca – cigar box guitar, banjo and mandolin and B.Skwire Esquire on upright bass.

The group travels around the country in Mae’s innovative and award-winning Boogie Bus, a diesel school bus that she re-designed in vintage 1940’s whimsical style and converted to run on waste vegetable oil. The Boogie Bus will deliver the group to their scheduled appearances while on tour, with a zero carbon emission footprint. Named the Boogie Bus for the musical mantra “It’s All About The Boogie” painted on the destination plate.